Five More Minutes! The Benefits of Napping

(I realize my last two posts were pretty…serious to say the least. However, I thought I might make it clear that I’m also a pretty cheerful, albeit silly guy. Here’s a post I’ve written not only for your enjoyment, but also to inform you on the benefits of catching a few Zzz’s)

Did you know they actually have a nap-time, not just for kids, but for adults as well in Spain? As someone who enjoys his rest, that singular aspect of the Spanish lifestyle has appealed to me greatly for years. From my understanding, the Spanish siesta has been somewhat dying out due to new business laws a regulations though, so I’ve opted out of packing my bags and leaving the land of bald eagles, but man do I wish we had something like that here.

Here’s the thing: a lot of my absolute favorite pastimes have come under scrutiny by loving, albeit, overbearing family members and friends. “Niles, you sleep too much.” “Quit drinking my alcohol.” “Oh my God,  did you seriously eat that all by yourself???”

Nag, nag, whine, whine…

I’m personally getting tired of it, so I decided to do a little research into the matter as a way of countering all this blathering on. Of course, if you are of like mind, feel free to use these talking points yourself.

The ability to counter surprise attacks

Here is a hypothetical: You just got a grueling 12 hour shift at your job. Not once did you get a break, aside from lunch where the coworker with the obvious crush on you kept trying to flirt with you over your meal of turkey wraps and a glass of water. Now, on your way home, with your blurry vision you can barely focus on the direction you’re walking in. Your eyelids dip slightly and…

A ninja leaps from the treetops above you and slices your nose off even though he was really aiming to slice you in half, but he hasn’t had much experience in the field as yet, and this was sort of the mission where he was supposed to prove himself so…his master probably won’t be too pleased that he couldn’t even take down a half-asleep, zombie worker drone.

POINT IS…that would not have occurred had you managed to take a nap at some point during the day. Numerous studies have demonstrated how napping even twenty minutes can be more effective than a cup of coffee in keeping you alert. Sleeping…keeps you awake. Wrap your bleary-eyed minds around that.

Have you ever wanted your own mind palace? No? Well…shut up.

You ever seen that BBC show Sherlock? Let’s just sit and talk for a moment about how awesome Cumberbatch is. Kidding…sort of.

Well, if you want a mind palace like his, sleep on it! Studies have shown that napping improves how we store our memories. That way it will be easier for you to store your knowledge on the tensile strength of different types of yarn or string cheese…or…whatever.

Paint Like Picasso!

Well…not really. I mean, I don’t know! You might have a talent for art. Point is, napping gets those creative juices flowing all over the place. Nap enough and you’ll be sopping wet in creative juices in no time.

Sort of just grossed myself out. Might have a dirty mind. Let’s just put a pin in that for the time being.

Be Happy!

Know why I’m in such a cheery mood, DESPITE recent events? I’ve been getting more sleep! I’ve been getting to nap. Basically, napping helps regulate the hormones in your body that makes you feel happy and content.

Be Healthy!

I’m running out of witty jokes (haven’t had my daily nap as yet), so I’m just going to wrap it up with this. Napping helps your overall health. It helps boost your immune system so you can fight off those nasty germs you got when your two year old peed in your face (seriously, how great are kids?). It’s when you build muscle so you raise your two year old with one hand, only to be slapped by your spouse for being so reckless with your infant child. And it helps relieve all that stress you built up when, for a brief moment, you lost your infant child in the department store and just sort of prayed they would show up again before your spouse realized anything.

Of course, this is all provided you even get a CHANCE to nap. Terrible two’s and all that.